sunnySide ↑ Little Free Library Rules

Welcome to sunnySide ↑ Little Free Library.

Rules exist for a reason – to maintain order.  Without order, there is chaos.

Little Free Library is a community-driven, unattended book exchange service.  As a result, we ask that you always exchange & place a book in place of the one you are wanting to take home & read.  The library is under 24 hour recorded, video surveillance.

With that said, please read below for the rules of this LFL.  LFL exists to promote the growth of life-long readers.  While readers have different styles of literature they are interested in, sunnySide ↑ LFL does not exist to promote religion, politics, romance, or a particular author.

Hours - Sunrise to Sunset

Prohibited Literature

  • Religious materials & books
  • Romance & Adult novels
  • New York Times Best Sellers
  • Low-volume print books

Prohibited Items

  • Console games
  • Clothing & accessories